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Yes, I’ll stand by my 5 stars. When you’ve been malnourished on a never-ending family car ride, slurping melted chocolate out of candy bar wrappers and drinking 120 degree bottled water from the trunk, the Hi-Lo Cafe is a glorious oasis. Tall ice water glasses, air conditioning, clean bathrooms, big coffee mugs, accommodating servers, fresh squeezed orange juice, giant calorie-dense portions, what more do you people want? I got the bacon cheeseburger and was a happy camper. One of my dining companions thought it was low-class to be served tartar sauce with her fish fillet but I’m not classy enough to know that’s a faux pas so it didn’t affect my dining experience.

– Claire C.
San Rafael, CA

I was impressed by this small family-run restaurant, and my taste buds were equally stoked. Although it’s located in the super small little town of Weed, California, they were very busy (which I took as a great sign) and yes, there are other options travelers and locals could choose from. Yet, this appears to be a favorite and I know why!

During my venture away from Portland about a month ago for an organic farming volunteer project, I stopped and ate here after staying in the motel that is also owned by the restaurant (which I will also be leaving a review for). I had chicken fried chicken (which they pound and batter themselves), grilled veggies, a baked potato and garlic bread with a side of sausage gravy. Holy sh*t it was really damn good! I ate all of it, and even took a slice of their locally homemade berry cobbler with a scoop of ice-cream back to my motel room. No shame here.

Because I had a bump in the road I missed their actual dinner rush time, thus I didn’t have to wait for a table when I arrived and my service was excellent. I’m sure that even though you may need to wait a bit for a table if you come between 5pm-6pm, you’ll still get very hospitable and great service.

The menu is huge, breakfast is served at all times and it is very clean.

– Mellissa B.
Portland, OR

Hi-Lo Cafe has great choices on it’s menu: breakfast, lunch & dinner anytime.

I had a Western BBQ burger – freshly made. Juicy. I was hungry so it went down no problem. Onion rings cut & lightly fried to order.

Very warm & friendly staff (& locals). If your traveling & hungry stop at the Hi-Lo Cafe in Weed.

– David C.
Sacramento, CA

Nothing fancy and plenty of it! This old fashioned American food at its best. My favorite place for breakfast when traveling on I-5, no matter what time of day. Big fluffy biscuits, fresh eggs, great coffee. With the location in the town of Weed, of course they just have to offer lots of souvenirs playing on the name. Lots of wholesome American food and fun. Check out the motel, and enjoy the view of Mt Shasta.

– Paula L.
Petaluma, CA

American comfort food and hospitality at its best! Huge servings of yummy things: sweet potato fries, lasagna, southern fried chicken, crunchy salads, potatoes and gravy.. you won’t be disappointed! The service is warm – we met Carrie and Shannon. They were really sweet and brought our food with a smile 🙂 Don’t miss this local favorite if you happen to be driving through the quirky town of Weed and need a pick-me-up.

– Ria K.
San Jose, CA

Awesome place! My wife and I are staying in Weed for the night and ate here at the Hi-Lo Cafe. Friendly staff and very laid back atmosphere and of course great food. I had the meatloaf and mashed potatoes with a side of green beans w/salsa. Delicious !

– Brad N.
Saint Cloud, MN

I actually think this is one of the best breakfasts I’ve had in a while. I had the chicken fried steak, which was crisp on the outside, tender inside, with the perfect gravy. Gravy is a tough sell for me, as I make pretty outstanding gravy, but this was the right proportion to the steak, and the perfect consistency and flavor. The hashbrowns were potato ribbons with a crunchy outer texture – clearly they started out that morning as potatoes, and not frozen threads of potato-product. The biscuit was very delightful as well, tender and flaky. My husband had some sort of egg and sausage and potato mixture, which he gave the thumbs up to. Nice little place in Weed (hee hee), California. The service is outstanding, as well.

– Cyndi J.
Reno, NV

This is a great place for people on the road to have a nice home-style meal. I’ve eaten here a few times while I lived in the dorms at College of the Siskiyous.

I had their burgers once or twice and a few breakfast menu dishes from time to time. The waiters are nice and they do their best to please the customers. You can’t really miss it along the main drag in the city of Weed CA. Even locals come to this place a lot for a good bite to eat. The prices are ok and the food tastes pretty good. Great family place! Its kind of a mini version of Denny’s I guess you can say.

– Melissa V.
Montague, CA

That banging noise you hear is me hitting my head against the wall. For over 19 years I have pass thru and stay in Weed at least two to four times a year. Until four years ago I never ate at Hi-Lo. This is the only place I eat in Weed now.

The food is great and the portions are large. I have vegetarian and carnivore sons, both can eat their fill.

Do you self a favor and skip over the food options near the fuel and hotels at the central Weed exit and find you way to Hi-Lo .

– Bob W.
Sierra Madre, CA

After driving 6 hours is was good to stop and have a decent meal. I got their take on a BLT which was B.L.A.S.T. A BLT with avocado but not sure what the S was. It was served like a club sandwich with fries. I was happy with my order. My daughter ordered a green salad and a bowl of fruit, which I am excited to report that the fruit was all fresh and the green did not consist of just reg. lettuce. It was a variety of greens which gives you more nutrients in your food. However we learned that we should ask what is in the salad and you should too. My daughter does not like beets and that salad had them hidden in there.

As I was finishing up I overheard some regulars ordering pie, so I decided to ask about what pies they had to offer. I ordered a slice of choc. cream pie to go and I took one bite and just finished it off in seconds. If you stop in Weed, go here for the pie. In fact take one home!

– Cori T.
Portland, OR

Stopped by this place based upon a recommendation from the a local and they were right on the money. All meals served throughout the day so that you don’t have to worry about wanting a lunch portion at dinner time. Speaking of portions, all I can really say is WOW!! My wife’s comment was that we didn’t get plates but trays for our meals. I had the country fried steak breakfast that was fork tender, eggs cooked right, and the hashbrowns were homemade. Wasn’t feeling the biscuits and asked what I could substitute for them. Response was “what would you like?” I heard this comment at other tables as well so it is a common theme which I count as a big plus.

Waitstaff was very helpfull in recommendations (menu is VAST) and worked well together. When our original waitress went on break, her partner didn’t miss a beat.
Would recommend both as a regular stop in Weed, CA!! No wonder we had the munchies! 😉

– Joseph W.
Puyallup, WA

Been here numerous times while staying in Weed and driving through. Big, hearty (up to you if there healthy) meals. I usually twist my own arm and get a biscuit with a side of gravy. YUM. There salad bar looks tasty, and there pies look amazing. It has a real home town feel. I dig it.

– Angela C.
Oakland, CA

Sweet. This is what an American coffee shop is supposed to be. Servings too large, a bit too much salt in every dish, warm and comfortable inside, friendly help, YUMMY pies, decent hotel adjacent, good location. I’d be here every day, if I lived in Weed. OH!!!! Breakfast served ALL day!!!!

– Peter B.
Newark, CA

I really love this place when my husband and I are in Weed, our job had sent us down and we had just finished up we were in Weed and didn’t feel like driving back to our motel Yreka and trying to find food there. So we remembered the Hi-Lo Cafe and we stopped in, we looked over the menu and both of us decided on the Lumber Jack Chicken Fried Steak Breakfast for $9.99 I chose wheat toast, over-medium eggs, hashbrowns, and of course the main dish chicken fried steak:-)

When our meals came my eyes felt like they would pop out of my head my food came on a platter sized plate 6 pieces of perfectly cooked and buttered wheat toast, perfect over-medium eggs (think there were 3 or 4) a pile of crispy yet tender hashbrowns, the chicken fried steak was good but I still like Iron Skillets chicken fried steak better it has a little coating and its more tender.
But this chicken fried steak was still really good and I would get it again:-) I am giving a 5 star review the food was good and plentiful, the service was awesome I really like the Hi-Lo 🙂

– Francis L.
Vancouver, WA

On our way through Weed, my guy and I stopped here for some breakfast after peeping the yelp reviews.

The menu had a ton of selections! We decided to go with breakfast, which they serve all day and both of our meals were great! I had a veggie scramble and they let me substitute items with no hassle. My guy had an omelette that came with homefries, which were super yummy.

The place is bigger inside than it seems like from the outside. It’s a typical diner setting, so it’s comfy and chill. The service was good too.

We’d definitely come back here if we pass through Weed again. Hi-Lo cafe is a surprising score 🙂

– Aleece H.
Paradise, CA

THE HI-SLOW!!! I love this place. It’s so old school in not only a “campy-made up to look that way” but in a real way. . .so I guess what I’m saying is that it’s old school kitsch.

The food is very diner like, the shakes are huge and AMAZING, and like everything else in weed, they move at a nice relaxing pace. Good place to come in, get some good food and relax.

– Christopher M.
Somerville, MA

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